Howelpa-Logistik - online! - assistance

With Howelpa-Logistik-online you can inquire the status of your shipment whenever you want
and from whereever you are.
You will obtain the results in real-time - directly after the registristration.

please choose the kind of login:

per BRAXX-Code

As forwarding business or shippers you receive a Braxx code from us. Concerning this your transmissions in the system are identified. With the Braxx code you can merge your coworkers, customers and suppliers into transmission pursuit.

per user-login

As coworkers of a forwarding business you log in to Howelpa-Logistik–System with a user ID

per customer login

Please ask your forwarding business to get access to Howelpa-Logistik Track & Trace. If you co-operate with several forwarding businesses, please ask Howelpa-Logistik to setup your own account in the system.

per ZEBRAXX Number

As a customer of a parcel service your entrance to Howelpa-Logistik-System is the Zebraxx-Number. You receive the Zebraxx-Number directly from your parcel service.

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